Preferred Developments is a leading reputable building and construction company with 20 years of building knowledge experience and continually growing to meet the needs of building development. The company is tightly structured and managed to deliver quality and value that fits any project's vision and purpose regardless of its location, scale or complexity. Our focus is to build a reputation unequaled to in the industry.

As HIA members in the building industry we practice their codes of ethics to promote the highest standards of work conducting our business with competence, fairness, honesty and integrity. Our sub-contractors have been expertly trained in all aspects of building and construction most importantly safety for both themselves and others across all our sites.

Safety, our prequalification system consists of checking all (OHS/WHS) implementing this practice across all our sites. We remove risk(s) for the safety of our contractors, clients, visitors and the general public. Our safety reputation affirms our ability furthermore with our clients.